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February 2017

Wednesday, February 1

El Cerrito "Off the Grid"
5pm - 8pm

El Cerrito
6159 Fairmount Avenue
El Cerrito, CA

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Thursday, February 2

Off the Grid Upper Haight

OTG Upper Haight
Stanyon and Waller Street
San Francisco, CA

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Friday, February 3

The Proxy Hayes Valley Look For Our Newest Location Opening @ Fulton and Gough Early Spring

The Proxy
Hayes and Octavia
San Francisco, CA

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Saturday, February 4

Mairin Country Mart Famers Market
9am - 2pm

Marin Country Mart
2257 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur , CA 94939

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Friday, February 10


432 Octavia St
San Francisco, California 94102

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Friday, February 10

Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt
1000 Oak St
Oakland, California 94607

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Saturday, February 11


432 Octavia St
San Francisco, California 94102

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Saturday, February 11

Marin Country Mart Farmers Market

Marin Country Mart
2257 Larkspur Landing Cir
Larkspur, California 94939

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It's simple: doughnuts are good.

About Us

Doughnuts themselves are a force for all that's good in life - a symbol. Our doughnuts have personality; they're inspired by the seasons, local ingredients, and are steeped in doughnut history. We love them, you love them and we love making them; this is all a very good thing for everyone.

It's not overly complicated but we take it seriously - but not so serious that we don't have fun. Sourced locally out of the freshest ingredients we can find and lovingly hand made every day. We serve them fresh with hand crafted coffees and a smile right down in the West End Village of San Rafael. Stop on by and enjoy a hand crafted, uncomplicated nugget of happiness. Live in the moment, and make those moments count.

In addition to serving you in our Shoppe in San Rafael we'd love to help you out with your next big event with our Food Truck, which is ready, willing, and able to provide you fresh delicious doughnuts, brewed coffee and espresso right off the truck. If you're interested in how all of this deliciousness came to be, just reach out to one of our enthusiasts below for more information... we look forward to serving you.

The Johnny Doughnuts Team

Craig Blum - Johnny Doughnuts

Craig Blum

Owner/Founder/Chief Enthusiast

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Craig has always been the entrepreneurial type. When he got the idea to start a food truck, doughnuts suddenly became his calling. He researched, he practiced, he had little sleep and lots of doughnuts until his dream became a reality. When asked how many kids he has, Craig will tell you three – Rylee, Nicco and Johnny Doughnuts. His wife Kim may argue that he is just a big kid, trapped in the body of an (undisclosed age) year old and he makes sure to have fun every step of the way.

Chuck - Johnny Doughnuts


Chief Financial Guru

With over forty years experience as a Financial guru, including a tenure as Principal in a national accounting firm, running their consulting practice, real estate companies and restaurants - Chuck has provided valuable insight to making a small bakery business rise to it’s true potential.

Sandra - Johnny Doughnuts


Operations Manager

Sandra joins us with over 25 years of production and operations management experience. Originally from the Chicago area, she’s passionate about process efficiencies and business growth and development. Her specialty is taking small businesses to the next level. From overseeing our expansion to San Francisco, to keeping the home fires burning in San Rafael – Sandra’s the go-to person for all things Operations.

Josue - Johnny Doughnuts


Head Baker / Doughnut Mastermind

As one of the original three Johnny Doughnut employees, Josue came to us with little doughnut experience and a lot of heart. With an unmatched work ethic he has since become the Head Baker of Johnny Doughnuts, leading our team of 12 bakers as well as all things doughnut production. He constantly surprises us with new ideas, recipes and has a smile on his face the entire time.

Sarah - Johnny Doughnuts


Catering & Events Manager

With experience in event-coordinating and professional baking training from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Sarah not only knows how to set up a stellar doughnut truck event, she understands (and rocks!) the entire behind-the-scenes process. She received her bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies of Baking and Pastry Art, with a concentration in Farm-to-Table studies, and even studied under legendary chef Larry Forgione in Napa Valley. Sarah’s expertise gives her a great understanding of how to tailor the process to create the perfect doughnut and the perfect event. If you want to bring the doughnut trucks to you, Sarah is your gal!

Shawna - Johnny Doughnuts


Customer Order Manager

Looking for a special order of birthday doughnuts or a delivery to your office? Shawna is your gal! Shawna is the master of custom orders who prides herself on exemplary customer service and timely communication. She makes ordering doughnuts easy and fun!

To set up an order

Helene - Johnny Doughnuts


Accounting Manager

It was the Lime Mascarpone Bismark that drew her to JD shortly after opening in 2013, and it was the love of the bismark that prompted her to inquire about being a part of the Team! Helene has helped to organize and manage Johnny Doughnuts accounts payable and receivable ever since. Her happy, easy going demeanor makes paying bills seem fun. As if being a Doughnut Aficionado weren't enough, Helene is also a professional classical singer who performs all over the world.

Katy - Johnny Doughnuts


Social Media and Marketing Manager

Starting with us as a Doughnut Enthusiast just two weeks after our Grand Opening in 2013, Katy has since played many roles and has been an intricate part of Johnny Doughnuts from the get go. After offering to boost our social media presence in 2013, she has since built, enhanced and maintained the Johnny Doughnuts brand by producing all of the photos, videos and copy for our social media channels, website, marketing and more. Long story short: doughnut photos and witty banter are her thing.

Zina & Kelsey  - Johnny Doughnuts

Zina & Kelsey

Managers, San Rafael Brick and Mortar

Holding down the fort at our flagship San Rafael shop with style and spunk are Zina and Kelsey. With stellar customer service and smiles that light up the room, Zina and Kelsey are here to make your experience at JD a great one.

Bakers - Johnny Doughnuts


Doughnut Artists

We prefer to call our bakers Artists, because the work they do is unbelievably authentic. Always willing to go the extra mile for Johnny Doughnuts, our Doughnut Artists are the ones who create our little bites of heaven– making the dough, the jams, jellies, custards and glazes all from scratch and from the heart.

Doughnut Enthusiasts - Johnny Doughnuts

Doughnut Enthusiasts

Our Extended Family

The ones on the front lines of the Shop and the Trucks – our stellar team of Doughnut Enthusiasts is a group of such genuinely good people, we can’t believe we have them all in one place! Serving up Johnny Doughnuts with a smile and personality, they truly create a whole-heartedly great experience for all of our customers.

johnny-doughnuts-food-truck-catering-hero - Johnny Doughnuts
johnny-doughnuts-catering-food-truck-600px - Johnny Doughnuts

Catering, Delivery, & Doughnut Truck Events

Want Johnny Doughnuts at your next event? With three custom-built doughnut trucks, we now have more options than ever to serve Johnny Doughnuts to you. We create a customized proposal based on what you want and need for your event. Whether it’s a private birthday party, big company conference, wedding, or even just a surprise delivery – we got you covered.

Truck #1 - "The Original"
Our flagship truck that ushered in the idea of doughnuts on wheels. Capable of holding over 1,000 fresh treats, this baby makes an appearance at larger gigs throughout the Bay Area. Farmers Markets, Off The Grid events, corporate parties, grand weddings; you name the venue ~ she can handle it all.

Truck #2 – “The Butler”
We call it the road dog. Used for quick deliveries and mid-sized events, the JD Butler zips in and out of San Francisco traffic faster than you can say "Glazed with a Twist!" Perfect for tight parking lots, personal celebrations and company picnics or meetings.

Truck #3 - "The Newb"
Just landed: the largest vehicle in our Johnny Doughnuts fleet. Fully equipped with an espresso machine on board, she's capable of holding a bevy of beverages and a whopping 1,400 doughnuts! Truck #3 is the choice for the largest events, including mega corporate gatherings and huge food truck events.

Event inquiries email

That’s right: DELIVERED.
As in: to your home or business. We truly do live in the Golden Age, don’t we? You can place a one-time order or set up a weekly delivery. Doughnuts delivered to your next business meeting? Win. Twists for your client on a big day, or CroDough’s to your sweetie on his or her big day? Huge. Or even just a pile of deliciousness delivered fresh to your house before the Big Game on a Sunday morning? Epic.

Contact to bring Johnny Doughnuts to you!

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