It's simple: doughnuts are good.

Doughnuts themselves are a force for all that's good in life - a symbol. Our doughnuts have personality; they're inspired by the seasons, local ingredients, and are steeped in doughnut history. We love them, you love them and we love making them; this is all a very good thing for everyone.
JD_Team_01It's not overly complicated but we take it seriously - but not so serious that we don't have fun. Sourced locally out of the freshest ingredients we can find and lovingly hand made in the wee hours of every day but Monday (even doughnut bakers need a day of rest), we serve them warm and fresh with hot coffee and a smile right down in the West End of 4th Street in San Rafael. Stop on by and enjoy a hand crafted, uncomplicated nugget of happiness. Live in the moment, and make those moments count.
In addition to serving you in our Shoppe in San Rafael we'd love to help you out with your next big event with our Food Truck, which is ready, willing, and able to provide you fresh delicious doughnuts and coffee right off the truck. If you're interested in how all of this deliciousness came to be, take a look at our About page for more information.

1617 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901 Map (415) 450-1866

  • Food Truck

    Food Truck

    Contact us today and we’ll bring the Johnny Doughnuts Truck to you! Originally, this whole thing was a food truck idea. But the thought of traipsing around San Francisco’s hills with  fryers full of hot oil was unappealing for a variety of obvious reasons. So, we needed to cook in one place – in a […]

  • Shoppe


    Our Shoppe is located at: 1617 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901 Click Here for a Map Open 7 Days a Week 7am-2pm* Phone: (415) 450-1866 *Hours are subject to sell out Here’s our “regular” selection of doughnuts (and we’ve always got something special and/or seasonal in the mix as well): Strawberry Blueberry Classic Glazed […]

  • Delivery


    We deliver doughnuts. Delicious, fresh, home made doughnuts. That’s right: DELIVERED. As in: to your home or business. We truly do live in the Golden Age, don’t we? You can place a one-time order or set up a weekly delivery. Doughnuts delivered to your next business meeting? Win. Twists for your client on a big […]


  • Best doughnuts I’ve ever had, and I’ve had more doughnuts than the entire NYPD. There’s not one flavor I haven’t liked yet.

    - Gary Champagne
  • In a world gone crazy, doughnuts are the last bastion of the sane.

    Living in the moment is one of the keys to my survival. When that moment includes a doughnut from Johnny Doughnuts – my favorite is the crodough – then all of my worries subside, and I have no problems whatsoever embracing the now.

    - Jesse Stone
  • Seriously: I had never truly considered that there might be a time when a food stuff that I adore – the doughnut – could or would be taken to a higher art form. Then I went to Johnny Doughnuts. Sea salt caramel on a chocolate cake doughnut? Hello…

    - Best. Doughnuts. Ever.

Our Clients

Here’s a short list of our Food Truck clients:


Contact us today and we’ll bring
Johnny Doughnuts to you!

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